Q&A: Esther Ajao, AI Reporter, TechTarget
TechTarget news writer Esther Ajao covers AI software and systems for SearchEnterpriseAI and occasionally for SearchCustomerExperience. Until she arrived at TechTarget in Sept. 2021, Esther had valuable internships in the TV business but no tech media experience whatever.
Cheat Sheet: AI in Retail
The AI cheat sheets will come fast and furious, especially in the verticals as the technology transforms all. We came up with 13 names, including three from VentureBeat, the go-to publication for the application of AI in business.
SWMS Q&A: Alex Wilhelm, EIC, TechCrunch+
Can the Silicon Valley Bank meltdown now seem so long ago? Yet the true fallout has not yet begun. In our Mar. 21 SWMS Q&A, edited for length and clarity -- TechCrunch+ EIC Alex Wilhelm gives us a generous glimpse of what it was like to work at TechCrunch that day.
A Bumpy Rollout for The Information’s New Data Vertical
The Information this week launched a premium subscription tier called The Information Pro, and so far is having a bumpy time of it. In published comments, five readers publicly objected to The Information moving its org chart content from the basic tier to The Information Pro.


Larry Dignan Joins Constellation Research to Build News, Analysis and Event Coverage
The B2B tech world has a new experience to explore — Constellation Insights from Constellation Research. Its newly hired EIC is Larry Dignan, best known as ZDNet’s former EIC, though he spent the past 17 months overseeing content at Celonis.
What Are Publications Doing With AI? Here’s The Latest Update.
Readers have been asking, "What are publications doing with AI? Will AI start to impact my job [in tech PR]?" Based on our research, the answers are (a) they're not sure yet and (b) not for a very long time.
The New TechNews, and a PR Pitch Model for 2023
Search platform TechNews last month introduced features that let users spot trends deep within tech editorial. Launched as IT Database in 2007, TechNews is widely used within tech PR to learn who is writing what.
Cheat Sheet: Identity and Access Management Targets
We have 19 of them, many names you know, and more than a few you might not.
Cheat Sheet: Automotive Targets
This cheat sheet contains 23 targets ranging from deep-tech to big picture in the world of automotive. EV edit is represented in this list, but only partially.
Cheat Sheet: Chicago-Based Financial Targets
There isn't much financial journalism coming out of Chicago. This shortie cheat sheet is as close as we could come.



NYT Competitor Shellacked… by NYT

A thousand words about The Messenger, a well-funded news startup that had a few challenges out of the gate? Read for yourself (password probably required) with an eye toward whether the NYT’s audience is being served.

SWMS Turns 25 Today

SWMS turns 25 today — only because our subscribers made it possible. Thank you for all the support over all the years.

Open Stats for SWMS 5/9 Emailer

In descending order: who’s still left at ZDNet and TechRepublic; cheat sheets on SF-based tech reporters and AI in retail; Esther Ajao Q&A; cheat sheets on DEI, AI newsletters, accessibility and podcasts for retail investors; Larry Dignan joins Constellation Research; Robin Wauters podcast; cheat sheet on room videoconferencing systems.