Deep-Dive: WSJ CIO Journal

We went deep this week on CIO Journal, the WSJ vertical that turned ten years old last month. Our subscribers regularly ask how to break through. We hope our data and analysis can help.

SWMS Q&A: Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading

CMP Media launched Dark Reading 16 years ago this month. Kelly Jackson Higgins worked there back then -- and every day since. Today Kelly is editor-in-chief, having succeeded Tim Wilson, who passed away last fall.

Q&A: Adrian Bridgwater, contributor

Focused on developers and data, B2B tech edit freelancer Adrian Bridgwater writes for UK-based ComputerWeekly, Enterprise Networking Planet, eWeek UK, Forbes and IDG Connect.

Deep-Dive: Tim Keary, VentureBeat

After becoming a VentureBeat freelancer last month, Tim Keary wrote 41 stories in 42 days. With rare exception, the articles focused either on a product announcement or a funding round. Dozens of companies saw their news covered thoroughly -- in a context useful to buyers.



Cheat Sheet: CEO Profiles in Tier 1 Publications

Time again for our semi-annual look at CEO profiles. Who writes them? How do they showcase the big boss as the strong and wise executive worth reading about?

12 Commandments from Contributed Content Gatekeepers

This month we studied guidelines from contributed content gatekeepers. Dozens and dozens of them.

Analysis: A Tale of Two Fortunes

This is a tale of two Fortunes — “new” Fortune and “classic” Fortune, each with their own needs and culture. You’ll want to approach accordingly.

Cheat Sheet: SF-Based EV Targets

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Cheat Sheet: Podcasts for CMOs

Just in time to soften the blow of Marty Swant's departure from Forbes -- a list of 16 podcasts focused on CMOs. About two-thirds of them are based in the US. Host names and contact info, of course.

Cheat Sheet: Targets Who Cover CMOs

At the request of a subscriber, here’s a freshly scrubbed list of CMO influencers in media brands. You’ll see some CMO profiles linked as examples. Pretty good mix of Tier 1 and trades.


According to 18 years of Google Trends data, here are the three most popular cuisines for take-out food in the US:

3rd -- American (9 states)
2nd -- Japanese (11 states)
1st -- Chinese (24 states)

Study conducted by

Meal Delivery Experts - Feel Good When Choosing Food

Drafting..: "This time last year, the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal vertical boasted five stellar reporters -- Sara Castellanos, Jared Council, Angus Loten, John McCormick and Agam Shah. Today's CIO-J boasts only three: Angus, Isabelle Bousquette and Suman Bhattacharyya."

✨Some professional news✨After five years at @BusinessInsider, I am thrilled to be joining @LinkedInNews as their technology editor. I’m excited to branch out beyond advertising, and take the skills I’ve picked up as a reporter over the past 8+ years to demystify a broader beat.

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