Deep-Dive: WSJ CIO Journal

We went deep this week on CIO Journal, the WSJ vertical that turned ten years old last month. Our subscribers regularly ask how to break through. We hope our data and analysis can help.

SWMS Q&A: Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading

CMP Media launched Dark Reading 16 years ago this month. Kelly Jackson Higgins worked there back then -- and every day since. Today Kelly is editor-in-chief, having succeeded Tim Wilson, who passed away last fall.

Q&A: Adrian Bridgwater, contributor

Focused on developers and data, B2B tech edit freelancer Adrian Bridgwater writes for UK-based ComputerWeekly, Enterprise Networking Planet, eWeek UK, Forbes and IDG Connect.

Deep-Dive: Tim Keary, VentureBeat

After becoming a VentureBeat freelancer last month, Tim Keary wrote 41 stories in 42 days. With rare exception, the articles focused either on a product announcement or a funding round. Dozens of companies saw their news covered thoroughly -- in a context useful to buyers.



Deep-Dive: Protocol Enterprise

One year ago Tom Krazit Tweeted: "...some personal/Protocol news: I'm now the Enterprise Editor for Protocol | Enterprise, overseeing coverage and planning for a big expansion. We are hiring for five (5!) new enterprise reporters to work with me and @JoePWilliams31..."

Trends in Thought Leadership, Jun. 2022

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Pitching Bloomberg’s Brody Ford

Brody Ford last month succeeded Joe Williams as the Bloomberg tech reporter most likely to write the story you’re pitching. Time to get him on the radar.

Cheat Sheet: Visibility of Contributed Posts and Paid Posts

This SWMS cheat sheet is unlike any other we've done, combining insights on contributed posts and paid posts across 146 publications in B2B and B2C.

Cheat Sheet: Chatbot Reporters

We've updated our 2018 chatbot with this one. This time, far fewer reporters... just ten. Chatbots aren't as new and in general have become just another part of machine learning/AI.

Contributed Content Gatekeepers: The Directory

We've given this precious list a full scrubbing. As of Apr. 26, the information on the 150 listed publications is freshly accurate.


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Doomclicking? Or Just a Generous Headline?

Three times the number of SWMS readers clicked on “Double-Digit Drops in Audience for Bloomberg and Six Other Key Titles” than “Protocol, Fortune Audiences Growing Faster Than the Rest.” The latter gives away the news, no suspense.

On Sponsoring Protocol

Protocol is hiring a strategic partnerships director to help monetize owner Axel Springer’s investments in Protocol Enterprise. So when you or your clients begin budgeting for 2023, be aware that Protocol will be offering new ways to affiliate with the Protocol Enterprise brand.

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