Deep-Dive: Esther Ajao, TechTarget SearchEnterpriseAI

Experienced B2B reporters often can't help turning news stories into analysis, where context and POV shroud the actual news. Not so with TechTarget news writer Esther Ajao, now finishing her first year at SearchEnterpriseAI.

Profile: Maria Korolov, IT Freelancer

There's no one like Maria Korolov. Born in Russia and now living in western Massachusetts, freelancer Maria covers cybersecurity, AI and virtual technologies for five IT media titles.

Analysis: Why Journalists Cover Surveys

"The best surveys are ones that reveal unexpected findings or examine issues that have not yet been widely covered," says Chain Store Age senior editor Dan Berthaiume.

Deep-Dive: WSJ CIO Journal

We went deep this week on CIO Journal, the WSJ vertical that turned ten years old last month. Our subscribers regularly ask how to break through. We hope our data and analysis can help.



4 Cheddar News Shows to Pitch

PR pros have a decent shot at placing CEOs in several Cheddar shows. Here's a rundown of them. For contact info, consult our accompanying Cheddar cheat sheet.

The New Stack Reopens the Door to Contributed Content

The New Stack (TNS) is accepting contributed posts again. During a months-long hiatus, editors rethought their priorities, and consulted Google Analytics to understand what had resonated.

Cheat Sheet: CEO Profiles in Tier 1 Publications

Time again for our semi-annual look at CEO profiles. Who writes them? How do they showcase the big boss as the strong and wise executive worth reading about?

Cheat Sheet: NFT Reporters in Business & Tech Trades

We may be in a crypto winter but coverage of NFTs proceeds apace. This cheat sheet focuses on 14 targets in business titles and trades. We omitted the crypto verticals; dozens of targets populate them and are easy to find.

Cheat Sheet: Cheddar TV Targets

When Bloomberg TV and CNBC seem out of reach, Cheddar might not be. Founded in 2016, Cheddar now employs many dozens. Our easily searchable cheat sheet captures 56 anchors, reporters, producers and much more.

Cheat Sheet: AI Reporters

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Google News linking to press releases as if those write-ups are on the same level as an article from the New York Times seems like a problem in the journalism industry that no one is talking about.

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Unholy PR Practice?

On LinkedIn and in an email sent here, we’re hearing that some PR people might be writing both the Qs and the As in Q&As, and busy, lazy targets are publishing them under their byline. Unconfirmed… but sheesh.

SWMS renewals

We thank Groshelle PR, LaunchSquad, Mockingbird Communications, Praytell, Songue PR, TNS Media Communications and Wildflowers PR for renewing with us, and welcome RedIron PR, Alight PR and AlertMedia to the SWMS family.