Profile: Karen Walker, Forbes/Fast Company

Karen Walker is a consummate management consultant who contributes to Forbes and Fast Company. She thinks differently than journalists do, as you'll see in this revealing Q & A, conducted Oct. 25.

Profile: Robert Hackett, Fortune

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Profile: Nicole Perlroth, New York Times

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Introducing: The Ojo-Yoshida Report

Two veteran journalists from the semiconductor world have teamed up to launch The Ojo-Yoshida Report, which explores "the intended and unintended consequences of technology innovation."



Who’s Covering CES and How?

How is CES being covered this year? The situation is still "clear as mud," as our August head line stated. We've begun hearing from some of the players you care about most, and they will be there in person -- just not at pre-Covid scale, and with more than a little trepidation.

Six SWMS Predictions for 2022

With 2022 a month away, it's time to imagine next year's trends, in a way that lets our subscribers take action whenever possible. Here's our list.

Our 2021 Predictions Turned Out… Sorta…

One year ago we fielded eight predictions for 2021. How did we do? Not great, honestly. Let's look at each.

Contributed Content Gatekeepers: The Directory

We've updated our list with two Australian pubs that specialize in supply chain topics, and three US-based titles related to personal finance.

Cheat Sheet: 5G Reporters (B2B & B2C)

5G is one of those slow boats -- it's been coming and coming... and say what you will, it's being covered more than ever. Here's a list of 15 key reporters in both B2B and B2C.

Cheat Sheet: Ag Tech, Focus on Seeds

Seven targets for you, useful when you have an agtech client focused on the seeds space.


Is this the future of contributed content? YFS Magazine (covers ad tech) will accept your post, but if you pay them $99, you can "skip the line" and get "approval within 48 hrs, home page placement for 72 hours... and two 'do-follow links' instead of one."

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Thrive Global last month stopped taking contributed posts because authors were "using [the site] for promotional purposes, plagiarizing stories, uploading unlicensed images, and providing false medical misinformation."

I love making new year's resolutions and I love hearing others. Want your resolutions for 2022 featured on @FastCompany podcasts? Send a 60 sec or less recording to [email protected] by 12/15

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Correction on Mike Vizard

In our Nov. 30 emailer we stated that Mike Vizard had quit writing in order to oversee Digital CXO. Mike continues to write for Techstrong titles and Container Journal, but did quit freelancing for VentureBeat and all other non-Techstrong titles.

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