Q&A: Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Derek Thompson quite literally works to save the world. A staff writer at The Atlantic, Derek oversees Progress, the 165-year-old publication's most recent editorial franchise -- and perhaps its most important ever.

SWMS Q&A: Brendan Vaughan, Editor-in-Chief, Fast Company

On the job a bit more than a month, Fast Company EIC Brendan Vaughan has inherited a respected, if not beloved, 27-year-old publication. His mission is to improve it.

Pitch Advice from 6 at Axios

A recent edition of the new Axios Communicators newsletter offered pitch advice from five Axios reporters and a co-founder. Newsletter author Eleanor Hawkins polled her colleagues on what PR folks need to be told.

Deep-Dive: Esther Ajao, TechTarget SearchEnterpriseAI

Experienced B2B reporters often can't help turning news stories into analysis, where context and POV shroud the actual news. Not so with TechTarget news writer Esther Ajao, now finishing her first year at SearchEnterpriseAI.



The Other Reason to Apply for Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’ Lists

Fast Company's longest-running franchise, Most Innovative Companies (MIC), has made FC a lot of money since 2008. Candidates pay to apply, with no guarantee they will make the grade.

Cheat Sheet: CEO Profiles in Tier 1 Publications

Time again for our semi-annual look at CEO profiles. Who writes them? How do they showcase the big boss as the strong and wise executive worth reading about?

TechCrunch Surveys Subscribers of TC+

TechCrunch wants to know how TechCrunch+ subscribers like the product, so it has surveyed them. Here are the six screens from the survey, fielded last month. It's good to see TC so solicitous.

Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover Funding Rounds

This freshly updated cheat sheet is a bit different than most because multiple reporters within a given publication can and do cover funding rounds. Here's ten of the "usual suspects" and another ten you might not have considered.

Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover Patents

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Cheat Sheet: Targets for Wireless Infrastructure

At long last here's a cheat sheet of specialists on wireless infrastructure. There's surprisingly little coverage of this networking niche. About half of the listed titles hail from the UK.


Here's a valuable report from @Snap on where the demand is for #AR experiences, and how they can help your brand. https://t.co/5q7RfpGRho

I'm thrilled I can finally say @lmatsakis will be joining me to cover tech @semafor. It's been so much fun seeing how she thinks this week as we've jumped from meeting to meeting up and down the peninsula. Sign up here to get her reporting in your inbox

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Putting together a cheat sheet on TV health reporters in major markets... it's incredible how many segments on mental health there are these days...

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‘Open’ Stats from 8/30 SWMS Emailer

Top open: Brendan Vaughan. Then: pitch advice from Axios; ZDNet logo; Foller.me Twitter tool; SMB targets in Tier 1; Ted Lasso; GMA cheat sheet; Boston-based VC reporters; gifting targets; why Quartz readers renew.