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Deep Dive: Cracking the Washington Post, Pt. 1

Only seven months ago, tech PR hotly anticipated tech edit hiring by the Washington Post. Eleven open positions promised new opportunity. In great measure, it never came. The reasons why — which we analyze both in this piece and a companion piece — may help guide your current Tier 1 strategies overall.

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Deep Dive: Cracking the Washington Post, Pt. 2

The 17 Washington Post tech journalists featured in this week’s SWMS cheat sheet find themselves in the right place at the right time. As Google, Amazon and Facebook face Federal investigation, most of these seasoned scribes will serve as de facto war correspondents. Tech PR will hate this impending war.

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Open Stats for Nov. 30 SWMS emailer

The SWMS-Semrush Top 15 Index was the most-opened article in our Nov. 30 emailer. Then, in descending order… cheat sheet on exec interview opps; Fortune contributed content formulas; “Challenge of 2023” analysis; Krazit/Kaye share what works; Protocol shuts down; cheat sheet on VC events/SMB events; cheat sheet on smart lighting

A16Z’s ‘Future’ Shutting Down

Great perspective from Insider reporters Rob Price and Melia Russell. Excerpt: “It doesn’t always end well when you hire people to tell the world how great you are., from my periodic glances, is a snooze fest, devoid of even the most justifiable skepticism and tension,” wrote Brad Stone, a veteran tech journalist, in a Bloomberg newsletter this year.”

Rachel Metz Laid Off from CNN

From Mastodon…

Rachel Metz on mastodon

CNBC Reporter Suspicious of PR

CNBC personal finance senior editor Jim Pavia posted this on Twitter: “A PR rep pitched an op/ed and said it was exclusive to CNBC. We did edits and I pinged her with a pub time. She said colleagues sent the piece to another media outlet “unbeknownst” to her and it published. Wonder why my comfort level is so low when it comes to PR firms?”


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