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American Readers: Where are They?

So back in August you got a hit in TechCrunch. At least on desktops/laptops, you reached less than three million American readers. Ars Technica, Axios and Wired would have delivered you more, not to mention the Tier 1s.

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Where Have a Site’s Readers Come From… Where Do They Go?

One can learn a lot about a publication by what else its readers read — specifically, where have readers come from when they arrive at a site, and where do they go once they leave? Using raw research provided by Similarweb (June 2020 and June 2021), we looked at a pair of healthcare sites and found surprising relationships.

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SimilarWeb Stats: BI Up, Fortune Down

Which has more unique monthly visitors, Forbes or Business Insider? Most clients would rather see coverage in Forbes, but it attracts less than two-thirds the audience of BI. We learned that and much else in a sweep of May 2019 audience data from SimilarWeb.

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15 Tier 1 Titles by the Numbers

Here’s what fresh SimilarWeb traffic data can tell us about each of 15 Tier 1 titles coveted by the coverage-hungry. Our subscriber-only Google Doc reveals who’s on the way up and who’s on the way down.

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SEO-Driven Traffic Spikes; Socially-Driven Traffic Tanks

Search is in, social is out. That’s one of many things we learned this week after analyzing June 2018 traffic data — provided by SimilarWeb — on 15 leading tech and business publications. We sought to show how each publication attracts and retains its audience, and more fundamentally, who’s hot and who’s not. 

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