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Cheat Sheet: Quarterly Earnings Targets

Here are 14 reporters known to cover quarterly results from more than one “beat” company. We noticed that Fortune, Forbes and Insider tend not to cover quarterly results as straight news; instead, they tend to come up with second-day trend pieces off that earnings news.

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CNBC Reporter Suspicious of PR

CNBC personal finance senior editor Jim Pavia posted this on Twitter: “A PR rep pitched an op/ed and said it was exclusive to CNBC. We did edits and I pinged her with a pub time. She said colleagues sent the piece to another media outlet “unbeknownst” to her and it published. Wonder why my comfort level is so low when it comes to PR firms?”

Through Newly Acquired Industry Dive, Informa is Targeting TechTarget

Here’s what Industry Dive co-founder Sean Griffey told the UK-based Press Gazette newsletter:

“There’s still 25, 30 more markets on our whiteboard that we really want to tackle over time,” he said, adding that Industry Dive could also expand the number of titles covering sectors the business is already in, such as healthcare and IT.”

That is the proven TechTarget formula… segment the tech landscape, explore the sub-segments, revise as required.

Insider’s Union Flexes Muscle

Insider wants to run more of its stories in front of its paywall. Insider’s union is objecting. According to AdWeek, reporters who had previously written both for traffic and subscriptions could continue doing so, but reporters who had never written in front of the paywall could not do so until management had negotiated with the union.


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