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Inside Protocol Braintrust: A Contributed Content Opp

Protocol has not only hired a boatload of top journalists in its first 18 months, but also has recruited almost 200 contributors whose work appears in a thought leadership vertical called Braintrust. If you represent thought leaders, you’ll enjoy this Q&A with Protocol associate editor Kevin McAllister — your pitch contact — and Protocol president Tammy Wincup.

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Analysis: Protocol’s ‘Live Journalism’

PR pros can learn a lot about Protocol Enterprise as a brand — and about the art of interviewing — by watching the Mar. 9 Protocol Live web event, in which senior Protocol reporters Tom Krazit and Joe Williams interview executives from Google and industrial IoT startup Webee.

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Analysis: Protocol’s CEO Edit

Protocol Enterprise is what B2B comms pros long have waited for — a destination for authoritative, thoughtful discussion of enterprise tech outside of the trades. Led by senior reporters Tom Krazit and Joe Williams, Protocol Enterprise delivers a steady stream of edit in web articles, newsletters and live web events.

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Protocol Enterprise Launches Next Week

Protocol next week will launch Protocol Enterprise, a program of expanded enterprise coverage comprising daily web editorial, twice-weekly newsletters, quarterly deep-dives and contributed content. “This is an enterprise moment,” Protocol president Tammy Wincup says. “It’s often communicated about as ‘a boring back-end technology’ but the reality is, there’s so much happening in enterprise tech…

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Protocol: What is the Bulls-Eye?

Editorially, what will Protocol aspire to? Editor-at-large David Pierce laid down some two-ton hints last month on his Twitter feed. Studying this list will help shape client expectations and help you build an approach to 2020’s “place to be.”

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Emily Dreyfuss Wants to Talk

If you represent industry executives, you have a ground-floor opportunity to converse with a powerful journalist — Protocol editorial director Emily Dreyfuss. Once Protocol launches later in Q1, she may get busy and not have time for karma discussions. Now she does. Here’s the background.

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Protocol’s Hiring Spree Continues; Launch is Imminent

Protocol continues to recruit top edit talent as its Q1 launch nears. Focused on “people, power and politics” within the tech world, the San Francisco-based edit startup is poised to challenge traditional Tier 1 and put big pressure on Wired, TechCrunch, Quartz and The Information to retain their best reporters.

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Protocol: ‘Tier 1’ for the 2020s

If you’ve got the right kind of story, Protocol is bound to excite you. Announced last week and built by the founders of Politico, the forthcoming tech publication will launch in Q1 of perhaps the most important Presidential election year since 1860.

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I’m joining (aping into?) Andreessen Horowitz to lead content and editorial for the crypto fund, @a16z Crypto. (Not a joke!)

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