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Deep Dive: Five Business Purposes for Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a tool in the toolbox. Considering the expense, it’s smart to know exactly what one hopes to accomplish with it, and that it’s the right tool for the job. To that end, our sponsored content deep-dive spotted five prominent themes/purposes in 2021.

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Cheat Sheet: Pay-to-Play CEO Titles

Now and again we receive a valet request for a list of publications that profile C-title executives for a fee. We hereby present such a list. Web traffic is thin to these titles. Caveat emptor.

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Takeaways from The Newly Refreshed Paid Content GDoc

Is paid content worth it? It’s still expensive in the big shops. If you’re OK sponsoring newsletters and podcasts, your dollar goes further. The following are the most actionable takeways from research contributed by veteran tech edit veteran Keith Shaw.

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Keith Shaw: Beware eWeek’s Bot

Robots are great for many things, but answering chat requests isn’t one of them. I discovered this personally while updating information for the SWMS Paid Content Cheat Sheet. As a journalist, I’m used to visiting websites looking for information, especially PR contacts to request more information. There is nothing more frustrating than…

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Cheat Sheet: SWMS Paid Content Rate List

Paid content is a tool in the toolbox, and one that deserves a long look in these chaotic times. Keep an eye on our newly-freshened and ever-growing list of publications and their rates — B2B and B2C. 

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