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Our data covers 40B keywords worldwide, and we analyze over 2 terra bytes (TB) of data every day. We've narrowed down alllll that data to the most searched keywords by annual search volume and trending keywords for June 2022 (by percent increase MoM).

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Unholy PR Practice?

On LinkedIn and in an email sent here, we’re hearing that some PR people might be writing both the Qs and the As in Q&As, and busy, lazy targets are publishing them under their byline. Unconfirmed… but sheesh.

SWMS renewals

We thank Groshelle PR, LaunchSquad, Mockingbird Communications, Praytell, Songue PR, TNS Media Communications and Wildflowers PR for renewing with us, and welcome RedIron PR, Alight PR and AlertMedia to the SWMS family.


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