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Cheat Sheet: Targets for Healthcare Tech News

It’s rare to find someone who writes only about healthcare tech products and related news — but this list comes really close. We also chose for how frequently a reporter writes. In the interest of focus, we omitted healthcare security and healthcare funding reporters…

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Cheat Sheet: Healthcare Democratization

Of all the topics in healthcare, this one may seem a bit random, but the democratization of healthcare was picked by experts as a trend to watch in 2019; Stanford published a big report on it. Here are the few journos who have picked up on the trend.

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SWMS Healthcare Deep-Dive: Google Docs

In one Google Doc, we analyze 116 articles across five publications, capturing authors, headlines, URLs and whether the article was positive, negative or neutral in tone. In another, we list the 118 editorial sections contained in 18 leading healthcare publications, accompanied by lists of Tier 1 and Tier 2 journalists, tables on site traffic (SimilarWeb) and coverage volume (IT Database), F2F events and more.

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SWMS Healthcare Deep-Dive: Part 3 – Trends in the Trades

Healthcare IT trades — like all trades — are in the relationships business. They typically make their money through F2F events, awards programs and premium services. Surprisingly few require registration or paid subscriptions, but all of them can be counted on to behave respectfully toward healthcare business. You won’t see the next Theranos being taken down in the trades.

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SWMS Healthcare Deep-Dive: Part 1 — Landscape Stories

Even in a realm as “vertical” as healthcare, stories are still stories. Technology is transforming both business and society. Companies and their leaders face crises. Startups succeed and fail. Conversely, much is unique to healthcare. Few industries are more regulated, depend more on new science, and have such a direct impact on life and happiness.

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