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Duo Security’s ‘Decipher’ Takes a Hit and Bounces Right Back

It’s tough to recover when a key employee jumps ship, but that’s exactly what Decipher EIC Dennis Fisher managed to do, last month hiring Lindsey O’Donnell-Welch from rival Threatpost. Just like that, Decipher again is well-positioned to provide its context and analysis on cyberthreats and the efforts to thwart them.

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Leah McLean: On CISOs, Reporters, and the ‘Why’

SWMS contributor Leah McLean writes: Just as reporters need a reason why they should write the story being pitched, buyers of security solutions want useful detail on why they should buy. Being in close contact with these buyers as I am, let me share a real-world scenario.

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Four Vital Cybersecurity Newsletters & Podcasts

[SWMS contributor Leah McLean writes:] My career has been in tech from the start and for the last six years in the cybersecurity industry. The last two years I’ve been keenly determined to get to know the CISO – what makes them tick, keeps them up at night, how they think, their views towards the many technology vendors and solutions…

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Introducing ‘The Record,’ Edited by Adam Janofsky

Cybersecurity journalist Adam Janofsky has a new gig, as editorial director of The Record, launched this week by security vendor Recorded Future. The Record will operate with full editorial autonomy, Adam told us. Kaspersky Labs’ ThreatPost, Duo Security’s Decipher and Avast’s The Parallax have done so, too. 

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Profile: Sean Michael Kerner, freelancer

Sean Michael Kerner is a B2B tech reporter, and according to his LinkedIn profile, is an “Internet consultant, a strategy and developer/writer and sometimes entrepreneur.” While Sean no longer writes for eWeek, he recently picked up freelance work at Business Insider and still writes for Enterprise Networking Planet, eSecurity Planet, ServerWatch and ITPro Today.

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Profile: Brian Krebs

Security researcher Brian Krebs this month published an analysis that only he could create. It’s an exhaustive explainer on recent DNS hijacking attacks, purportedly conducted by Iranian hackers. How does a tech PR pro get the attention of this man? We asked around. Below is a compendium of what we heard back, both on and off the record.

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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 5: Threats and Breaches

Threat-and-breach coverage is by far the biggest topic in security editorial. It’s got the Armageddon thing going for it, which always breeds high numbers of page views and social shares. We once heard a veteran security PR pro refer to covering security as “the crime beat” and he’s not far off.

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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 4: Business Coverage

“Get ‘em to write a story about us — just about us,” the clients exhort. In security that’s even tougher to achieve than in most industry segments. Mostly that’s because time-strapped reporters are too busy chasing breaches and threats. Company profiles are as evergreen as stories get.

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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 3: C-Suite

​“Preventive” and “remedial” spring to mind when envisioning coverage for the C-suite. Skills is one of those C-suite evergreen topics, and in 2018 it’s been more of same. And the channel has that dual appeal — to the product buyers and to the C-titles who own the budget.

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