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Cheat Sheet: Space/Satellite Targets

Covering the space business is hotsy-totsy these days. The fact that Musk and Bezos are involved hasn’t hurt. The “space” beat isn’t everywhere yet, but a look at this cheat sheet can help spot the contours. We favored Tier 1 as best we could. Still, whom are we missing?

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Cheat Sheet: AI reporters

With all the permutations — machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and the rest — it’s sometimes difficult to spot a pure-play AI reporter. Here’s a core list of 19 — cross-check it with the names you’ve got.

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Cheat Sheet: Editorial Boards

Sometimes it pays to go to the top. If you’re pitching something truly conceptual — something that can make a publication look prescient in the long run — then go to the editorial board. We’ve got a list of six boards for you, with contact info.

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Cheat Sheet: Consumer Health Reporters

Consumer health reporters are harder to spot than they used to be — thanks to Covid-19. New strains, new vaccines — already scarce health journos have been tugged in every direction. We’ve got a core group of ten, including many from Tier 1.

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Some personal news... After 7 incredible and richly rewarding years at @FortuneMagazine, I am moving on.

I’m joining (aping into?) Andreessen Horowitz to lead content and editorial for the crypto fund, @a16z Crypto. (Not a joke!)

Predictions 2022 articles have begun to appear. We're working on an SWMS cheat sheet to be published this week.

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