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Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover CMOs

Here are 19 targets who cover CMOs. Bloomberg and CNBC not on it. Tier 1 tends not to see CMOs as newsmakers. WSJ CMO Today and Forbes are the exceptions. This is updated from our May 2022 list.

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Cheat Sheet: HR and Hiring Verticals

If you’ve ever tried it, you probably know that the HR segment is frustrating to research. Many of the titles hail from overseas. Contact names are hard to obtain (though we did). Paid and earned are blended and barely distinguished.

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Cheat Sheet: Construction Targets

Marketwatch’s Jonathan Swartz has predicted that 2023 will be the year of construction. In case Jon is right, here’s a list of 14 targets known to cover the construction industry. There’s a couple of VC contacts in there, too.

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Cheat Sheet: Who Still Runs Infographics?

Miraculously, we came up with 14 publications that ran infographics in recent months. In rare cases, the listed publication wrote a piece about an infographic — and linked to it — but did not actually publish it. The vast majority of the links below reveal the infog directly.

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Cheat Sheet: Intellectual Property Targets

Here’s a list of 11 targets who have covered intellectual property topics. It’s fairly diverse — some big titles, many obscure. A lot of IP coverage comes in context with content types — music, images… and yes, some patent law in there, too.

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Cheat Sheet: Smart Lighting

Here’s a cheat sheet on a niche within a niche — smart lighting. (Be sure to check out our updated smart home cheat sheet as well.) We came up with 15 names, mostly trades.

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NYT Competitor Shellacked… by NYT

A thousand words about The Messenger, a well-funded news startup that had a few challenges out of the gate? Read for yourself (password probably required) with an eye toward whether the NYT’s audience is being served.

SWMS Turns 25 Today

SWMS turns 25 today — only because our subscribers made it possible. Thank you for all the support over all the years.

Open Stats for SWMS 5/9 Emailer

In descending order: who’s still left at ZDNet and TechRepublic; cheat sheets on SF-based tech reporters and AI in retail; Esther Ajao Q&A; cheat sheets on DEI, AI newsletters, accessibility and podcasts for retail investors; Larry Dignan joins Constellation Research; Robin Wauters podcast; cheat sheet on room videoconferencing systems.


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