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Tier 1 Vital Stats: Audience Size

Our subscribers long have sought Tier 1 coverage, but these days there’s an urgency like never before. As part of this week’s SWMS Tier 1 deep-dive, we explore some fascinating numbers from SimilarWeb. Read on for eye-openers that will change the way you think about the edit landscape.

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Wisdom from the AP…

“We recommend avoiding general and often dehumanizing “the” labels such as the poor, the mentally ill, the French, the disabled, the college-educated. Instead, use wording such as ‘people with mental illnesses.’ And use these descriptions only when clearly relevant.”

Two More Protocol Reporters Land Good New Jobs

Aisha Counts and Max Cherney have landed good new jobs roughly six weeks after being laid off from Protocol. Both coincidentally are covering big tech companies. Aisha now covers Twitter and Meta for Bloomberg, and Max now works for Silicon Valley Business Journal covering Apple, Meta and Google.

Adweek Lays Off 14

Graphic designer Gabby Ulloa, breaking news reporters Natalie Venegas and Rafael Canton, senior editor David Cohen and senior story editor Nicole Ortiz were among those laid off from Adweek yesterday. Fourteen in total were laid off, ten from the newsroom.

Vox Media Lays Off 7% of Staff

Axios has the story. Seven percent translates to roughly 130 people, Sara Fischer writes. Eater took some hits, as did the Vox Media visuals team.

Codeword Uses “AI Interns”

Imagine two imaginary comms interns, powered by AI, that can analyze writing tone and compile industry news and research. Marcom shop Codeword is doing that today. (Codeword is owned by WE Communications, an SWMS subscriber.)

Sean Garrett Interviews Eleanor Hawkins of Axios

Important interview for comms folks everywhere. Says Eleanor: “The breakdown between PR professionals and reporters is a real issue, and it’s something that I’m watching. I know for a fact that a PR person lied to me in an interview yesterday and it led to a rather combative conversation when it didn’t need to be.”


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