SWMS Targets: Storytelling with Adam Lashinsky

Journalists pay lip service to the value of storytelling, but precious few practice it anymore. That's why Fortune senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky has agreed to conduct a 30-minute  storytelling workshop with us. He'll be deconstructing three articles and two videos, discussing everything from how they came about to difficulties encountered to outcomes. Do NOT miss this session.

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SWMS Teleconferences: 2009 Highlights

From our SWMS Editorial Teleconference Series:
As 2009 draws to a close, here are some of this year's best takeaways from the SWMS Editorial Teleconference Series. We learn a lot from the editors each year and hope you do, too.
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SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Adam Lashinsky, Fortune

Adam loves access to powerful people and isn’t the least bit intimidated by them. Fortune still delivers it. PR pros long have struggled with Adam. When you read these notes, you’ll see why. That said, Adam respects PR more than he ever has. Perhaps he’s listening after all.

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