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TC’s ‘Equity’ Podcast Turns Five

TechCrunch’s Equity podcast turns five years old this week. If you haven’t listened lately, consider it. It’s “a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.”

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Profile: Kenrick Cai, Forbes

Forbes senior reporter Kenrick Cai chases Series A funding and spotlights fast-rising startups. Upon graduation from Duke University in June 2019, Kenrick joined Forbes as an intern and worked his way up.

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Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover Funding Rounds

This cheat sheet is a bit different than most because multiple reporters within a given publication can and do cover funding rounds. Here’s ten of the “usual suspects” (cross-check your own list) and another ten you might not have considered.

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Cheat Sheet: VC Newsletters

“VC Newsletters” is a vague headline, right? We mean, (a) newsletters from journalists who cover VC, (b) venture capital firms that have their own newsletters, and (c) platforms that serve the VC world. Most of the 24 newsletters listed (half from Substack) are pitchable, though it won’t be easy. 

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Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover VC Funding Rounds

Updated Jun. 22, 2020 — Few things are tougher than building a useful list of reporters who cover funding rounds. Technically, any beat reporter could cover funding news based on the startup being a contender in an emerging marketplace. But PR folks mostly seek reporters who cover funding rounds from any VC in any market — as they should.

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SWMS Deep-Dive: Here’s What VC Reporters Really Want to Write

CNBC doesn’t profile many startups using 2,000 words and two team photos. But that’s what it did on Oct. 4 when Kate Rooney, a markets reporter, went deep on a startup called Plaid. It didn’t hurt Plaid’s cause that CNBC named it to the CNBC Disruptor 50 list. Still, it was singled out. Why?

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SWMS Deep-Dive: 13 VC Targets That Matter

Literally hundreds of reporters cover funding announcements each year. The vast majority aren’t “VC” reporters; they may cover a particular vertical, a tech beat, or local businesses. When funding news happens, they bang out a story they may barely understand. These 13 VC targets get it, as well or better than your clients get it.

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Of the 20 most recent Forbes posts on the topic of #DEI, 12 were either paid posts or Council posts (which also are paid). Perhaps DEI is more top-of-mind with brands than with Forbes reporters and unpaid contributors.

Hello! Excited to announce that I started @politico today. I'm joining the excellent health care team as a health tech reporter. Send me your best tips 😈

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