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Cheat Sheet: Sites that Sell Gear (Mostly) to Guys

It seems there are as many platforms as publications these days. A subscriber recently sent us a list of cool-things-to-buy sites, apparently geared to males and built on affiliate marketing, where the publishers make a commission on every item sold.

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Cheat Sheat: Apps Reviewers

Yes, there are still publications out there that review apps. Not as many as there once was. Here are the ones we found, with contact info where we could get it. Info fresh as of June 2018.

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Cheat Sheet: Product Reviews

— Updated Feb. 22, 2018 — As tech media has shrunk, so has the number of sites that produce product reviews. Here’s a list of the edit brands that still do them. We skipped the Mac and Android titles. But do let us know if we missed any must-pitch outlets.

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