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Introducing: The Ojo-Yoshida Report

Two veteran journalists from the semiconductor world have teamed up to launch The Ojo-Yoshida Report, which explores “the intended and unintended consequences of technology innovation.”

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Cheat Sheet: Future of Food Podcasts

Podcasts are ideal for near-future topics where vanguard products/services are here today if you know where to look, but not anywhere near mainstream. The future of food is definitely one of those topics. Here are nine “future of food” podcasts with all the relevant links and lots of contact info, where available.

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James Kotecki’s ML Podcast is On the Move

Tech podcaster James Kotecki, whom we’ve written about in the past, remains on the hunt for guests who can address interesting topics in AI. His weekly Machine Meets World podcast is produced by Infinia ML, producers of ML applications.

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Cheat Sheet: Podcast Gateways

Podcasting is more than 15 years old now and tracking the good ones is darn near impossible but we’ll try anyway. Here’s a list of 26 media brands that offer at least one tech podcast, and another 18 indie tech podcasts worth listening to and pitching. We also point you, more broadly, to hundreds more.

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Cheat Sheet: Tech Podcasts

Podcasts continue to matter. Despite podcasts being hard to measure, the rise of smartphones has brought podcast ubiquity with it. Wearables will keep them even closer. So here’s our all-new SWMS podcast list for 2019. There’s 165 in the updated list. We deleted the defunct ones. Info fresh as of Jan. 24.

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