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Alex Konrad: A Deeper Look

Forbes senior editor Alex Konrad gave us a metric ton of insight this month — one article just wasn’t enough. So this week we plumb the notebook of SWMS contributor Rhiannon Pacheco, who interviewed Alex earlier this month, and present the rest of Alex’s thoughtful and heartfelt advice for PR pros looking to win his attention.

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SWMS Debut: ‘Two Questions’

[SWMS contributor Rhiannon Pacheco writes:] “Today we’re excited to launch Two Questions, an incisive, get-to-the-point interview series where we sit down with a top-tier journalist to learn what makes them tick and why they love what they do. Our inaugural guest: Forbes senior editor Alex Konrad.

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Forbes Enters Newsletter Biz with ‘Journalist Entrepreneurs’

Forbes this week announced Journalist Entrepreneurs, a Forbes-branded newsletter platform, hoping to attract indie newsletter authors in the same way it attracted freelancer contributions ten years ago. Unlike the cattle calls of 2010, Forbes this time seeks to attract editorial stars who already have big newsletter audiences and social media followings.

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Forbes EQ and Forbes Ignite: Under the Radar

Most PR pros know about the ten Forbes Councils, providing relationship-building services and the chance to be published on the Forbes web site. Fewer know of two other Forbes community plays — Forbes EQ and Forbes Ignite. They’re worth exploring if your org — or your clients — focus on social equality and improving our world.

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Don’t Overrate Forbes When Planning Fintech Edit Strategy

When planning your coverage strategies for 2021, rethink the power of Tier 1. Don’t assume “Tier 1” means best-of-breed coverage. Tier 1 editorial brands imply a level of leadership that may not hold up under scrutiny. Remember too that the older the brand, the more prestige it tends to enjoy in the C-suite. 

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The Community Co.: A Ticket to Contributed Content and More

Agencies and clients face a reckoning with contributed content. The latter still assumes that opportunities abound. More than 100 entries in the SWMS contributed content gatekeepers list proves them right. Then again, when it comes to Tier 1, it just might be best to pay whoever lifts the velvet rope.

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Cheat Sheet: Forbes Contributors

There are hundreds, right? But only 40 have published content either in Forbes’s CIO channel or its cloud channel since Oct. 1. We think we got all of them — name, channel, email and a link to their work. The vast majority are analysts, though some are vendors, with an edit freelancer or two. Happy hunting and let us know whom we’ve missed.

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