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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 5: Threats and Breaches

Threat-and-breach coverage is by far the biggest topic in security editorial. It’s got the Armageddon thing going for it, which always breeds high numbers of page views and social shares. We once heard a veteran security PR pro refer to covering security as “the crime beat” and he’s not far off.

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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 4: Business Coverage

“Get ‘em to write a story about us — just about us,” the clients exhort. In security that’s even tougher to achieve than in most industry segments. Mostly that’s because time-strapped reporters are too busy chasing breaches and threats. Company profiles are as evergreen as stories get.

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SWMS Security Edit Deep-Dive, Part 3: C-Suite

​“Preventive” and “remedial” spring to mind when envisioning coverage for the C-suite. Skills is one of those C-suite evergreen topics, and in 2018 it’s been more of same. And the channel has that dual appeal — to the product buyers and to the C-titles who own the budget.

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Lindsay Ciulla: “That Time When…”

I’d love to say that every single time I’ve worked on a major announcement or campaign, things went perfectly – but that’s unfortunately not exactly how things go in PR. One of the most crushing let-downs is when an exclusive falls through. How do you react? What do you tell your client?

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Drafting..: "This time last year, the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal vertical boasted five stellar reporters -- Sara Castellanos, Jared Council, Angus Loten, John McCormick and Agam Shah. Today's CIO-J boasts only three: Angus, Isabelle Bousquette and Suman Bhattacharyya."

✨Some professional news✨After five years at @BusinessInsider, I am thrilled to be joining @LinkedInNews as their technology editor. I’m excited to branch out beyond advertising, and take the skills I’ve picked up as a reporter over the past 8+ years to demystify a broader beat.

Personal news: Today is my first day @thisisinsider as a senior sustainability reporter!

I'll be covering how companies tackle #esg issues like climate change, plastic waste & working conditions, w/ a focus on accountability.

Get in touch at

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