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Keith Shaw: Pitching Robotics During Covid-19

Writes tech edit vet Keith Shaw: “I’ve noticed a shift, given the coronavirus outbreak, in the types of robotics and automation stories that technology media sites are pursuing. At the top of the list now are stories about robots and automation companies that offer services and software that are helping to combat the virus…”

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What to Expect — Mar. 30-Apr. 3

Welcome to “What to Expect,” a weekly TL;DR analysis/prediction of the tech and business media landscape in the age of coronavirus and Covid-19. Based on journalist interviews and backchannel discussions, we’ll share our best advice on story shaping and pitching strategies. “What to Expect” will appear each Monday.

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SWMS Compass: What Works for Tier 1 and B2B in Covid-19 Crisis?

What kinds of stories actually get green-lighted in a crisis? There is so much team reporting, rolling digests and other compendia. We dug into Tier 1 and B2B IT titles this week and spotted four formulas that seem to work pretty well so far — even for lesser known tech vendors. What story types are you seeing?

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Silicon Angle’s Paul Gillin on Coronavirus/Covid-19

Here’s a 16-minute video interview with Silicon Angle reporter Paul Gillin, who descrbes the tenor of PR pitches he’s been getting, and what he thinks are achievable goals for PR as the coronovirus crisis worsens. We’ll be publishing a full article, comprising all his insights, later today.

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Good Pitching Advice from Axios

Tweeted by Axios health tech reporter Erin Brodwin: “If you’re pitching me on a company’s credentials, no need to tell me how great the founding team is, where they’ve worked, etc. — I’ll find out. Tell me how they solve a problem, how they’re diff from rivals (and there are *always* rivals), how they track outcomes and get paid.”

Fortune Extends ‘Brainstorm Tech’

Fortune this week announced Fortune’s Founders Forum, an extension of Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech franchise. Former Fortune reporter Polina Marinova Pompliano will co-moderate the first Founders Forum event in July, along with Michal Lev-Ram. Fortune Founders Forum will be co-located with Brainstorm Tech. Here is the press release.


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