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How a Bloomberg Reader Survey Can Help Your Pitches

Bloomberg last month fielded a survey designed to help it decide what to do with Businessweek, a brand it bought from McGraw-Hill in 2009. Coincidentally, the questions asked in the survey can reveal much about business journalism in general, and about how PR pros can build more effective Tier 1 pitches.

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Doomclicking? Or Just a Generous Headline?

Three times the number of SWMS readers clicked on “Double-Digit Drops in Audience for Bloomberg and Six Other Key Titles” than “Protocol, Fortune Audiences Growing Faster Than the Rest.” The latter gives away the news, no suspense.

On Sponsoring Protocol

Protocol is hiring a strategic partnerships director to help monetize owner Axel Springer’s investments in Protocol Enterprise. So when you or your clients begin budgeting for 2023, be aware that Protocol will be offering new ways to affiliate with the Protocol Enterprise brand.

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