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Tech Edit Spotlight: CNBC Disruptor 50

The top ten companies gracing this year’s CNBC’s Disruptor 50 list received scant Tier 1 coverage during the previous 12 months. Based on SWMS research, the coverage that companies did receive was overwhelmingly from verticals. We did see three flattering profiles, worth deconstructing to see the elements they required.

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Cheat Sheet — Tier 1 Content for Paid Subscribers Only

If you’re looking for backdoors into Tier 1, you might try some of the virtual events we list in our new cheat sheet. Most events are scheduled on an ad hoc basis, so that won’t make it easy. Still, since so few PR pros know about these opps, your chances are decent.

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How to Pitch Contributions to Fast Company’s ‘Work Life’

If it wasn’t before, Fast Company’s Work Life section became perfectly positioned when legions of readers began working where they lived and living where they worked. “I will say what our editor-in-chief, Stephanie Mehta, has said about Work Life, which is, it’s table stakes for us,” says deputy editor Kathleen (Kate) Davis.

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Tier 1 Vital Stats: The Overview

Ever wish you could see all of Tier 1 at a glance? In our latest SWMS Deep-Dive, we package SimilarWeb data to identify which Tier 1 titles have the most passionate audiences, the ones bigger globally than here in the US, the ones who appear to have punted SEO and those who just don’t show up on social. Plan accordingly. 

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Tier 1 Vital Stats: Traffic Sources

Where do Tier 1 sites get their traffic? The main categories are (a) from visits to the home page, (b) from a link on another site, (c) from search and (d) from social. Using stats from similarWeb, we examine traffic sources for 15 Tier 1 sites, and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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Tier 1 Vital Stats: Audience Size

Our subscribers long have sought Tier 1 coverage, but these days there’s an urgency like never before. As part of this week’s SWMS Tier 1 deep-dive, we explore some fascinating numbers from SimilarWeb. Read on for eye-openers that will change the way you think about the edit landscape.

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Cheat Sheet: Trades and Tier 1 in a Nutshell

This is a bit of an experiment — a tiny amount of words seeking to set apart Tier 1 from the trades. What are their core values? Are any shared? How are they similar and different? PR pros may know all this — especially you vets — but do the clients? Perhaps this short-and-sweet copy can (in a small way) make agency-client life easier. 

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Some personal news... After 7 incredible and richly rewarding years at @FortuneMagazine, I am moving on.

I’m joining (aping into?) Andreessen Horowitz to lead content and editorial for the crypto fund, @a16z Crypto. (Not a joke!)

Predictions 2022 articles have begun to appear. We're working on an SWMS cheat sheet to be published this week.

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