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Cheat Sheet: SxSW Reporters

We don’t have the 2023 list, but we dug into who covered it last year and came up with 16 targets, all of whom still work at those same outlets. It’s an interesting mix of Tier 1 and verticals, locals and national.

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Cheat Sheet: Edit Influencers in M&A

We came up with 25 names of reporters and editors, from the deep trades to the top of Tier 1. Pretty much any CNBC show covers M&A when it breaks, so we omitted that property. We’re pretty sure everyone else is in there, with contact info.

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Cheat Sheet: Consumer Tech Podcasts

Where are the pitchable consumer tech podcasts? So many of them are produced by people who disregard pitches. So we used our best judgment building this cheat sheet — which ones might you have a ghost of a chance of influencing?

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Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover Creators

we have completely revamped the now-deleted creator cheat sheet published in Feb. 2022. There’s a lot of SEO going on these days with the term “creators” — just about every newly released consumer tech product is “ideal” for them. So we omitted faux targets like those.

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Cheat Sheet: Podcasts for CMOs

This cheat sheet is a revamp from our May 2022 research. We found nine additional CMO-related podcasts since then, and none that had lapsed. How unusual. Let us know if we have missed your favorite.

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Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover CMOs

Here are 19 targets who cover CMOs. Bloomberg and CNBC not on it. Tier 1 tends not to see CMOs as newsmakers. WSJ CMO Today and Forbes are the exceptions. This is updated from our May 2022 list.

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Cheat Sheet: AI Newsletters on Substack

Came up with a dozen, all with contact info. We tried to avoid the roll-up newsletters that point to others’ content but offer little of their own. Then again, those “digest” newsletters point to still more resources.

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Biz Carson to Bloomberg

Biz now covers “the intersection of money and Silicon Valley” for the Bloomberg Wealth section (not Brad Stone‘s team).

Behind the WSJ’s Attack on ‘Woke’ SVB

Twitter blew up yesterday about the WSJ’s suggestion that SVB’s problems may have stemmed from “diversity demands.” Absolutely no one should be surprised by this claim. News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch recently installed Emma Tucker as EIC, a Murdoch loyalist brought in to lead WSJ’s coverage of the 2024 elections. Says The Guardian: “Tucker will find herself having to work out how to cover a third presidential run by Donald Trump. Murdoch has… cooled on the former president and is warming to Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida who is expected to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination.”

So prepare for an onslaught of woke this and woke that from the WSJ, a publication that isn’t what it used to be, no matter how much we wish it otherwise.

Morning Brew Lays Off Another 40

Owner Axel Springer must be nervous. Not a good signal from one the world’s most successful publishers. We’ll do the best we can to audit who left. Axios’s Sara Fischer broke the story.


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