Natali Del Conte, CNET/CBS

Natali Del Conte, Senior Editor
CNET TV / CBS The Early Show
July 2008
Natali del Conte hit the big time this spring when CBS bought CNET Networks. A regular  contributor to the CBS Early Show and guest commentator on Fox News, CNBC and many other TV outlets. Her showcase work is her daily videocast -- called Loaded -- for CNET TV. Natali is every bit a journalist and drives her own decision-making about what airs. Listen in to an influencer who, even with all her accomplishments, is only now just getting started.
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Video is Hot!

Video is hot. It's cheaper than ever to produce, and fresh distribution channels are emerging. On the consumer tech front, CNET Networks yesterday announced CNET TV, a video-on-demand (VOD) package of instructional content, news and reviews to be available in June through Cox Communications, TVN Entertainment and TiVo, and on the web later this summer. The videos will run 15 minutes and will feature CNET editors and reviewers on camera. ClickZ filed this article yesterday.

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