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SWMS Analysis: Wildstrom as NVIDIA blogger

NVIDIA this month hired former BusinessWeek consumer tech columnist Steve Wildstrom to cover CES 2010 for NVIDIA's nTersect blog. Unsurprisingly if you know Steve, his posts read just as if they had been written for BusinessWeek.SWMS Analysis: Wildstrom as NVIDIA blogger, Pt. 1

He cranked out six paid blog posts at rates "somewhat better than editorial freelance rates." Disappointingly, the posts drew only eight reader comments in all. Yet this was a big deal. Wildstrom was a BW icon. That he would engage in what he calls "sponsored journalism" (a) is a sign of the times, and (b) may presage more journo-vendor alignment.

 [To watch a two-minute SWMS video interview with Steve Wildstrom, click here.]


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Jeff Burt and Jason Brooks, eWeek

SWMS Editorial Teleconference Series - Notes and Audio

Jeff Burt, Managing Director
Jason Brooks, Executive Editor
eWeek Labs
November 2008

It's harder than ever to find someone to review your IT product. Labs are folding left and right, but eWeek Labs is still standing tall.

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