SWMS Alert: CNET's Private Tools

A former newspaper reporter back in the day, CNET editor-in-chief Scott Ard liked to watch readers on a park bench or bus. What exactly did they read? Did they skim? Did they read the jump?

That approach may be authentic but it doesn't scale. Today Ard uses tools to "augment" his sense of CNET's news and reviews operations, both of which report to him.

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Tech Edit Spotlight: Tech Video - tools, tactics and tips

Tech Edit Spotlight on Tech Video
September 2009

What exactly is "good" tech video? And could you sell that definition to your clients? This SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight will answer both questions. Trade and business media often don't understand their own intentions with their video efforts, making it difficult for PR pros to pitch ideas. Some edit outlets accept B-roll, but what kind and under what circumstances? And what must clients do to succeed in the video era? You'll be surprised at how easy it can be.

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