SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Michael Fitzgerald, freelancer

Michael Fitzgerald
June 2009

Thoughtful and articulate, Michael Fitzgerald is a kind of journalist that journalism cannot survive without. He is a storyteller, who ties together disparate elements to engage and entertain a casual reader. As a freelancer, Michael did well in 2008. But publications keep missing their ad page forecasts, and editors are starting to accumulate pieces that they've purchased but have no room to run -- at least in print. PR pros have a vested interest in heeding Michael's words and helping him -- and all storytellers -- to be successful.

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SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight on Forbes


SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight on Forbes
April 2008
Forbes: People and Politics
Ask most people about what makes Forbes and they're likely to say "money." Yes, but even more that that, Forbes is about people and politics. Emeritus types still grace the pages, and remember that Steve Forbes once ran for President. Especially in this election year, take this into account when approaching Forbes, especially on the print side

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"How-To's" Dominate Most Popular Articles

Consumer tech coverage dominated while enterprise tech coverage was all but absent from January's "most e-mailed" and "most popular" articles in the WSJ, NYT,, USA Today and, according to SWMS research.

Here's what else we turned up.

* Photo essays ranked as the first, second or third most popular content at on 12 of the 15 weekdays we studied. Examples: Cracking Open the Xbox 360 Elite (Jan. 14, via TechRepublic) and LEDs in Your Contact Lenses? (Jan. 22). Photo essays typically are fun to view and generate more page views than articles.

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Kerry Dolan, Forbes

Kerry Dolan, senior editor
Forbes Magazine
January 2008
“First, I have to make sure the competition hasn’t written about the topic in last year. (Competition is defined as BW and Fortune, NY Times and WSJ.) Blogs haven’t entered into the realm of what our editors consider competition... The people reading Forbes, some of them may be reading Seeking Alpha, (but) our take will be different.”
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