SWMS Cheat Sheet: 2018 Broadcast Producers

-- Updated Jan. 25, 2018 -- "We want broadcast in 2018!" Are you hearing that? The clients so rarely understand how difficult it is land a segment, let alone whom to pitch in the first place. Current as of Jan. 2018, here's a list of bookers and producers for a dozen of the biggest network and syndicated shows. The big names.

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Guest Post: Pitch Advice from a Veteran TV Producer

[In 27 years with NBC News, Mike Fomil has covered everything from hurricanes to Presidential campaigns. His last assignment: consumer and tech news. After leaving NBC on good terms, Mike now does freelance field producing and consults to PR firms looking to better engage with journalists. In this contributed piece, Mike lays out how PR pros helped him get his job done. The technique can be applied by any PR pro, senior or junior. --Ed.]

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SWMS Teleconference: Scott Budman, host, NBC TechNow

SWMS Teleconference:  Scott Budman, host, NBC TechNow

If only all TV journalists were as tech-savvy as NBC Bay Area’s Scott Budman. Or as responsive to PR.

Your big challenge with Scott is, can you tell your story visually? Will it play well on TV? Scott does blog at NBCBayArea.com. But it’s got to work on TV. That leaves out just about all software. Gadgets? Good. Just about any hardware will do.

Scott also says he’s interested in user-centric pieces, but he has so little time. He’s not going to shoot MOS footage except perhaps in front of an Apple store the night before the iPad goes on sale. So why not shoot some of your own, and send it to him along with a pitch?

That’s our suggestion. But Scott makes many of his own in the notes to your right.


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