SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight: Vendor Content: Animations, guerilla video, and more

Many vendors produce good tech content.

But what exactly is "good" vendor content?

Does it need to be as good as "editorial" content? Which vendors do the best job of producing vendor content -- and what did that content actually accomplish? We'll answer those questions and more in this special SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight.

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SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight: 2010 Editorial Preview on B-to-B tech edit

January 2010

The trade publishers are as frustrated as you are. They wish they had more advertising, too. So they’re diversifying, into virtual trade shows, newsletters, face-to-face events… they’re chasing the money. Just like you would.

For PR, that means that you’ll have to do your job in parallel. You’ll pitch reporters and reviewers as you always have. And you’ll stay abreast of all the non-traditional opportunities in b-to-b media, and seize those opps.

Your clients will have to help you. They need to create digital content assets — audio, video, Flash — to get you into this new game.

Below are the edit themes we’re most likely to see this year. Here’s to a successful 2010!

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SWMS Editorial Teleconference - Nick Barber, online video producer, IDG News Service

Nick Barber, online video producer

IDG News Service

December 2009
He's the IDG "influencer" you probably don't know much about. Yet his work is seen worldwide and gets traction few other IDG journalists can claim. Do you know the kinds of video segments Nick Barber cranks out each week during his "World Tech Update"? Does he accept B-roll? If so, what kinds? Which IDG brands carry his stuff? Get the answer to these questions and much more in this SWMS Editorial Teleconference.
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