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Profile: Evelyn Rusli, WSJ

(Editor's note: Moments after we posted this profile, Evelyn announced her next move...) Evelyn Rusli is the kind of reporter even senior PR pros will admire from afar. Imagine being on camera at Fox News and TechCrunch and working for Forbes, twice for the New York Times and now for the Wall Street Journal -- all before you're 30. Before any of this, college-age, freelancer Evelyn, home for the holidays, helped the NYT cover a 9.1 magnitude earthquake -- yes, a 9.1 -- in her native Indonesia.

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News Corp.'s Storyful: A Toolbox for Social Storytelling

What brand springs to mind when you think of News Corporation? Fox News? Wall Street Journal? One day that brand may be Storyful. Purchased by News Corp. in December 2013 for $25 million, Storyful helps media brands -- and for that matter all brands -- discover, verify and acquire the rights to social media content.

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