SWMSTweet Supplement: Apple Live-Blog Coverage

 Good luck finding Apple coverage in TechCrunch.

It's all in CrunchGear. http://bit.ly/1dQvL TC is for startups and social media vendors.

BusinessWeek's coverage lacked the perspective of Peter Burrows, who has been laid up. Aaron Ricadela did his best.http://bit.ly/liboP

Best piece: Brian Caulfield's taut 352-word piece -http://bit.ly/1r0PRI - focused on impact on Nintendo, Sony and Cisco. No hero worship.

Fortune's 2nd day Apple stock coverage had voice -http://bit.ly/UgT2H - while Bloomberg's was stiff and sing-songy http://bit.ly/BPccU

Only David Pogue got any face time with Jobs -http://bit.ly/NeKXP - and that was on the fly. There is some serious mutual affection there.

Only the WSJ conformed to the article/slideshow/video formula, organized by tabs - http://bit.ly/cVMsN. Use this as a template for pitches.

Got this feedback From Ian Lamont, managing editor of the Industry Standard... published with permission:

"Ars Technica, which is not included in your list, did do an excellent job today. No video, but their system loads updates in the page...

(I guess like AppleInsider’s coverage, which you referenced below). Not only did users not have to reload the page...

it (apparently) lowered the load on Ars’ servers. By comparison, the two other blogs I looked at today –

CNET and Gizmodo – required users to manually refresh the page, and one of them (Gizmodo) had problems shortly after it started."

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