When Submitting a Post to G2, Know Your SEO

G2's contributed content guidelines are refreshingly explicit and perhaps a bit demanding -- you really need to know your SEO. Still, it's worth it: submitting to G2 may land you a surprisingly effective hit while revealing how trade editors see their jobs these days.

The following are the "general" guidelines -- nothing out of the ordinary here:

General Guidelines

-- 1,500+ words submitted in an editable Google Doc
-- Non-promotional
-- On-topic (top-of-funnel subjects such as "what is" and "how to" articles)
-- No product or tool listicles – we rank tools based on user reviews
-- Include images (we love videos too!)
-- Include a bio with your headshot (square dimension at least 200x200)
-- One homepage link in author bio

Here are the technical guidelines:

Technical Guidelines

-- Two links to your site in the article to resources, blogs, educational content, etc. (no homepage or promotional content)
-- Primary target keyword with at least 500 monthly volume
-- Use long tail/semantic keywords throughout the article in addition to the primary keyword
-- Use the keyword in title and keyword/long tail keywords in headers
-- Include links to sources and links to other G2 resources with exact match anchor text when possible
-- G2's editorial team reserves the right to make final edits

SWMS Takeaways

-- Authors and submitters must know the primary keyword(s) and include them prominently. With a 1,500-word limit, there's plenty of room to convey your points and still practice your SEO. According to SimilarWeb, G2 gets more than 80 percent of its traffic from search, so don't cut corners on your keyword research.

-- G2 wants you to link to other G2 content. There's plenty of it. The broader lesson for submissions everywhere: link at least once to other content published by the target title.

Why would you want to place content in G2 in the first place? It's not a publication, right? Well... G2 claims three million monthly visitors to G2.com. SimilarWeb actually pegs it higher, at 3.34 million. Roughly half that traffic goes to G2's Learning Hub, which would house your contribution. That's not bad. (See our companion story.)

Here's how it works: apply through this form and pick your client's expertise from a drop-down box. G2 will match your info with its upcoming editorial calendars and get back to you. It's not pot luck like other pubs, where gatekeepers will either take it and run it or not. G2 wants to coordinate contributions with its ongoing scheduled content.

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