Pitch Opp: Solutions Review 'Jams'

Solutions Review has been out there seven years and few in tech PR ever ask us about it. That may change. As consolidation wreaks its havoc on earned media, Solutions Review is emerging as a "fresh-idea" B2B publisher for the 2020s. Case in point: The Jams.

Solutions Review "jams" are a call for content -- "dedicated to raising awareness around best practices when evaluating, deploying and using" a given type of technology. 

The purpose of the jams, SR says, is "to help practitioners plan for the end of the year and prepare for 2020." SR hopes the jams will be "a unifying event for all those in the industry."

Check out these new pitch opps:

Solutions Review Set to Host First Identity and Access Management Insight Jam
Set for December 19, 2019
The deadline for submissions is November 22.
Organizing editor: Ben Canner, an enterprise technology writer and analyst covering Identity Management, SIEM, Endpoint Protection, and Cybersecurity writ large. Email here

Solutions Review Set to Host First Cloud Computing Insight Jam
Set for December 19, 2019
Our deadline for submissions is November 21st, 2019.
Organizing editor: Daniel Hein, a tech writer who writes about Enterprise Cloud Strategy and Network Monitoring. Email here

Solutions Review Set to Host First Backup and Disaster Recovery Insight Jam
Stay tuned for details about our Cloud Computing Insight Jam, set for December 19th.
Deadline for submissions is November 22nd.
Organizing editor: Tess Hanna, an editor and writer at Solutions Review covering Backup and Disaster Recovery. Email here

Solutions Review Set to Host First Business Intelligence Insight Jam
Solutions Review is organizing its first ever BI Insight Jam for December 12, 2019
The submission deadline for this web-event is November 15th.
Organizing editor: Timothy King, a senior editor focused on enterprise BI and data analytics. Email here.

Here is Solution Review's invitation to the BI jam:

We welcome industry analysts, solution providers, practitioners and end-users to participate. Our editors will be broadcasting actionable BI advice and guidance using the hashtag #BIInsightJam. If you are interested in participating, here are a few ways you can be a part:

-- Provide us with video (or audio) advice to those evaluating BI software
-- Use the hashtag #BIInsightJam and share helpful content to build a community space dedicated to this day
-- Predictions for 2020; what will next year bring in the space?
-- Customer success stories using BI – be specific!
-- General advice for those implementing or using BI tools

Continues SR: "Solutions Review Insight Jams are part of our Best Practices Series, and dedicated to specific technology categories in an attempt to bring the community together."

Solutions Review may not have the prestige of an IDG or TechTarget, but it's growing fast: Four million IT professionals [will visit] Solutions Review this year, the Woburn, Ma.-based company says.

Top-of-the-B2B-funnel marketing opps are drawing a crowd. Rival publisher QuinStreet revamped eWeek this year to concentrate on vendor-supplied content across multiple B2B tech categories, building SEO authority in a given segment and providing a friendly, focused environment for tech sponsors.

In an email interview, senior editor Tess Hanna gave tech PR additional, positive perspective:

We don’t foresee 'too much' content being a problem for us. Otherwise, we will vet based on what provides the most value. As for do’s and don’t’s, we’re pretty open and would just want the content to be relevant to the specific subject and mission of the event, which is to inform!

Reach Tess at thanna at solutionsreview dot com.