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Cheat Sheet: Consumer Health Reporters

Consumer health reporters are harder to spot than they used to be — thanks to Covid-19. New strains, new vaccines — already scarce health journos have been tugged in every direction. We’ve got a core group of ten, including many from Tier 1.

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Four Vital Cybersecurity Newsletters & Podcasts

[SWMS contributor Leah McLean writes:] My career has been in tech from the start and for the last six years in the cybersecurity industry. The last two years I’ve been keenly determined to get to know the CISO – what makes them tick, keeps them up at night, how they think, their views towards the many technology vendors and solutions…

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TC Extra Crunch Relaunches Its EC-1 Deep-Dive Profile Series

TechCrunch Extra Crunch is about to relaunch EC-1, a series of in-depth, multi-part profiles of emerging, private tech companies. TC EC debuted EC-1 profiles in 2019, publishing five in all before Covid-19 began wreaking its havoc. TechCrunch has decided to try it again in 2021.

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Forrester’s ‘Technology Iceberg’

So you have a compelling “thought leadership” concept, eh? Can you draw it? If not, the pitch may not be imaginative enough. Enjoy our interview with Forrester Research founder and CEO George F. Colony and his tale of the “Technology Iceberg.”

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YouTube’s App Influencers

[SWMS contributor Rhiannon Pacheco writes:] While there are thousands of consumer tech-focused TV shows, print media outlets, podcasts and influencers, they tend to primarily focus on physical gadgets. Getting media coverage for apps can be challenging.

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Cheat Sheet: 2021 Edcals

SWMS contributor Rachel Odenweller spotlights 30 titles across Tier 1 and healthcare. She added sample coverage links that correlate to recent edcal themes — to show what kind of narratives have worked in the past. 

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Forbes Enters Newsletter Biz with ‘Journalist Entrepreneurs’

Forbes this week announced Journalist Entrepreneurs, a Forbes-branded newsletter platform, hoping to attract indie newsletter authors in the same way it attracted freelancer contributions ten years ago. Unlike the cattle calls of 2010, Forbes this time seeks to attract editorial stars who already have big newsletter audiences and social media followings.

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Forbes EQ and Forbes Ignite: Under the Radar

Most PR pros know about the ten Forbes Councils, providing relationship-building services and the chance to be published on the Forbes web site. Fewer know of two other Forbes community plays — Forbes EQ and Forbes Ignite. They’re worth exploring if your org — or your clients — focus on social equality and improving our world.

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