Pitch Opp: Erick Schonfeld's Traction Technology Partners

If you’ve got enterprise tech startups to publicize, get to know Traction Technology Partners (TTP). Former TechCrunch EIC Erick Schonfeld — who also oversaw IDG’s DEMO conference — co-founded TTC in late 2015 with former Network World exec Neal Silverman and helped build a great business that can make tech PR pros look good for free.

TC Currie on Pitching, Pt. 1

I’ve been a journalist for a little less than two years at this point, and am not quite over the thrill of getting pitches.  I’m still reading through the pitches I receive, but most journalists I know tell me they barely glance at them because of the sheer volume of pitches they receive every day.

Net Neutrality Reporters

This is the year that net neutrality gets put in place. Its implications are still not fully understood yet are expected to be vast. Some of tech media's most talented reporters are monitoring the developments. Here's a cheat sheet for you, current as of July 2017.

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24 Obscure Titles Worth a Look

If someone asks you, “What are some of the new and emerging publications out there?”, would you know? When someone asked us recently, we stumbled. So we polled influencers and did some digging. The result is our latest SWMS Google Doc, a list of 24 publications spanning urban planning, economics, sports, travel, long-reads… and lots of tech.

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