Profile: Vauhini Vara, freelancer

Vauhini Vara is not your typical "target." You may remember her as among the first Wall Street Journal reporters to cover Facebook and Twitter. In 2008 she left WSJ for the University of Iowa and a Master's Degree in creative writing. In 2013 she launched the Currency blog at and oversaw the site's business section.

BuzzFeed, Twitter Brawl It Up

Have you ever wanted to really stick it to a reporter? That's what Twitter communications exec Nu Wexler did this week. On Monday, BuzzFeed senior technology reporter Alex Kantrowitz sent a private message to someone familiar with Twitter Engineering, presumably a current employee. Alex asked this person for an off-the-record interview.

SWMS Spotlight: Fast Company

Since its launch in 1995, Fast Company always got it right. Not once has it reinvented itself. Sweeping layoffs? Never. Revolving door at the top? Nope. The publication has had only four EICs. The incumbent, Bob Safian, has reigned nine years amid breathtaking changes in publishing and technology.

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Adam Bryant's New Job: Running NYT's Editorial Events

Adam Bryant has a new job at the New York Times -- editorial director of its events division, NYTLive. Adam deferred our request for an interview, saying he's still "getting his arms around" his new role. He did confirm what is most important to PR pros: he will continue to write his Corner Office column.

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