WSJ SF Updates Beats

The WSJ’s SF bureau has realigned after departures of Don Clark and Scott Thurm. Bureau chief Jason Dean has divided things by enterprise hardware and enterprise software, by company. Not sure how startups and 2nd-tier players get covered in such a system.

The 2017 SWMS Podcast List

Two days ago a subscriber asked us whether we had a current list of podcasts, with pitch contacts and what they were looking for. We didn’t then but we do now. You’ll enjoy perusing our Google Doc with 37 podcasts, iTunes links and enough background to get you started. We color-coded the ones we thought you’d have the best chance of pitching.

Search Tool TechNews (IT Database) Testing New Version

A new, beta version of TechNews emerged this week. You may know the product by its old name, IT Database. By any name it’s a trusted search tool that unearths who’s been writing about what in B2B tech edit. It celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The latest TechNews version, in beta, allows users to “follow” reporters and be alerted when they write something new.

Profile: Aaron Tilley, Forbes

It was so close. Aaron Tilley was set to end 2016 with his first Forbes cover story, on Nvidia’s powerful and growing presence in artificial intelligence. At the last minute, top management decided to put Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner on the cover. More readers, better newsstand sales.

SWMS IT Media Spot Check, Pt. 2

Where would you rather get coverage, Computerworld or Datanami? If you represent a company selling enterprise software, you probably don’t have much of a choice. Visit Computerworld today and you’ll see lots of practical, readable, sharable stories, but nothing like “Spark Gains Momentum With Latest Investment,” or “MariaDB Takes On Teradata, Vertica with Column Store.”

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What You Said About Our Open Letter, 'Dear B2B Client...'

Last week we published an open letter from a fictitious agency to a fictitious client, urging it to recognize new and daunting realities. We didn’t promote it in last week’s emailer because, frankly, we weren’t sure we should have published it. After all, we analyze tech media for a living. Dispensing business advice to PR agencies isn't something you ask us to do.

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