David Needle on Email Technique

Currently a freelancer for eWeek and other tech sites, David Needle has reported on tech for more than 30 years. Over that period, he saw quite a few email pitches and became something of an expert on the topic. In a recent email exchange with us, that topic was very much on his mind. Things got started when we sent him this Sept. 29 post in The Atlantic from senior editor James Hamblin.

Bloomberg Debuts Tech Vertical, Podcast, Indexes, Video Shows

Bloomberg made news of its own last week. It launched its newest vertical, Bloomberg Technology. It launched Decrypted, a tech podcast, and Fully Charged, a daily e-mail newsletter. It announced two new live-video shows: "Apple This Week" with Mark Gurman and Alex Webb, and "Digital Defense" with Jordan Robertson.

Inside 15 Top Tech Edit Sites: New Insights from SimilarWeb

Most PR pros study journalists but not the sites they work for. They miss a lot of insight that way. That's why we love spending time on SimilarWeb, a freemium site that lets you analyze basic audience metrics of any web brand. In February, using SimilarWeb, we studied stats from 15 leading tech news sites and learned a ton. This week we studied the same 15 titles and compared the results.

Tech Edit No Longer Seems to Matter at the Huffington Post

Once among the most powerful voices in the business, the Huffington Post no longer appears committed to tech editorial. Tech editor Damon Beres left in July for a deputy editor's job at Mashable and has not been replaced. "Tech" is no longer broken out on the HuffPo masthead.

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